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In a sterilized state. Consists of a plastic material or stainless steel and is formed in a rounded shape or snakehead-like shape. Or Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten seal processing is formed in a coupling portion. Technisches Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten Technical Field. This invention relates to a device for the treatment of saphenous vein varix and in particular refers to a device that is used in a surgical extraction engaging a saphenous vein. Stand der Technik State of the art.

In the treatment of saphenous vein varices and in particular in a surgical extraction procedure, learn more here vein extraction method and a vein sclerotherapy procedure veins sclerosing procedures are used till Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten. At this time, the ramifications of the venous blood vessel to be interrupted, bring Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten doctor and assistants of a hand Astriktion setting time of the blood vessel to.

Then a skin on the varicose blood vessel is mm wide cut and varicose blood vessel is removed by using a cutting pliers. The venous extraction process takes a relatively long time and can not be easily applied to a bleeding event. In addition, the patient experienced pain when the anesthesia wears off after the surgery.

The vein sclerosing method Venensklerosierungsverfahren comprises the steps of injecting a vein sclerosing agent into a varicose vein blood vessel of a patient to cause an occlusion in the vein and sklerotisieren the varicose vein blood vessel so that the blood flow stops.

Eine geringe Menge des Venen sklerosierenden Mittels wird in jede von mehreren Positionen in der Varize injiziert. A small amount of the vein sclerosing agent is injected into each http://m.skv-neuwied.de/trophische-geschwuer-am-bein-zu-hause-foto-behandelt.php several positions in the varix.

Das Mittel kann in einen ambulanten Patienten in mehreren Sitzungen injiziert werden. The agent can be injected into an ambulatory patient in multiple sessions. If a large amount of the sclerosing agent is injected veins in a meeting in the patient, a deep vein occlusion or Lungenembolopathie with the saphenous vein varix may occur. Wenn das Mittel aus Versehen in eine Arterie injiziert wird, wird in der Haut oder einem Muskel eine Erkrankung auftreten. When the agent is accidentally injected into an artery in the skin or muscle disease will occur.

To inject the veins sclerosing agent into a butterfly valve leading to the femoral vein of a portion of the saphenous vein, an ultrasonic wave is used as an aid. Jedoch erfordert dies eine sehr hohe Kunstfertigkeit. However, this requires a very high degree of skill.

On the other hand, using local anesthesia, the skin is incised and leading to the femoral vein blood vessel in the saphenous vein is clamped at the same time. In this case, a large branched blood vessel after cutting the skin must be disconnected. Obwohl Cremes für Geschwüre Verfahren einfach ist, geschieht es viele Male und eine subkutane Chromatose kann auftreten.

Although the vein sclerosing Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten is simple and excellent, so far no suitable medical device was developed. Article source, this method is not available with regard to Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten obtaining of safety, prevention of recurrences and negative reactions after treatment. Darstellung der Erfindung Summary of the Invention. An object of the present invention is to provide a device for the treatment of saphenous vein varices, which can utilize the vein sclerosing method safely and positively.

The guide wire may be a stainless steel wire or coated with plastics material stainless Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten wire. The guide portion for the distal end of the guidewire is made of a plastic material or stainless steel and is formed into a rounded shape or a snakehead-like shape. The proximal end of the guide Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten can be connected to the distal end of the absorption thread by inserting or bonding and the connected portion may be formed by an adhesive in a coupling portion.

Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten proximal end of the guidewire can be connected by means of a connector to the distal end of the absorption thread. In the apparatus for the treatment of saphenous vein varices of the present invention, the sterilization holding cabinet is opened, the sclerosing agent into the transparent flexible bag and the bag softens injected to impregnate the absorption thread as much Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten possible with the sclerosing Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten uniformly.

Then the device for the treatment of saphenous vein varices is ready. In an Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten saphenous vein varices the treatment finished device is placed in the vicinity of a physician, the guide wire is inserted in a given saphenous vein and the absorption yarn impregnated with the sclerosing agent is inserted into the saphenous vein, while the guide Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten from the saphenous vein is pulled.

After the guide wire was pulled out completely, the absorption thread is cut off from the guide wire and only the absorption thread remains in Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten saphenous vein. The absorption thread is drawn out from the large saphenous vein after 24 hours. It is Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten preferred, not shown to make markings on the guide wire at given intervals eg. Wie in How to 3A 3A. AC oder besitzt an einem distalen Ende die Form eines Schlangenkopfs at the distal end and the proximal end into a round shape formed Fig.

So as not to hurt an inner wall of a blood Behandlung von Varizen ambulanten. Wie in How to 4A 4A. In all cases, it is preferable to apply an adhesive to the associated section or Verstemmungsvertiefungen be controlled so as not to cause stepped portions on the connected part. Ready for the treatment of saphenous vein varices. Beispiel 1 Example 1. Nachdem After 24 24 Stunden seit erfolgter Operation verstrichen waren, wurde der Ethibondfaden Hours had elapsed since completion of surgery, which was Ethibondfaden 2 2der eine Gleiteigenschaft besitzt, leicht aus der Vena Saphena Magna des ambulanten Patienten herausgezogen.

Which has a sliding property, easily pulled from the saphenous vein of outpatients. Thereafter, the lumina of the saphenous vein and the penetrating branches were completely sealed and thus the same treatment effect as the veins drawing treatment peeling treatment was obtained. The other sublime Venenvarizen were subjected to the vein-extracting surgery after the ambulatory patient a local anesthetic has been administered.

Es wurde keine Rekrudeszenz festgestellt. It was found no recrudescence. Industrielle Continue reading Industrial Applicability. The device for the treatment of saphenous vein varices can be used in a saphenous vein Parva, and with a saphenous vein. Tsukada Medical Research Co.

Bei leichten Varizen kann das Tragen von Kompressionsstrümpfen ausreichend sein. Vor der Behandlung muss abgeklärt werden.