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❶Limb trophischen Geschwüren|Sie haben zu viele Anfragen gesendet, sodass Linguee Ihren Computer ausgesperrt hat.|Limb trophischen Geschwüren You have sent too many requests causing Linguee to block your computer|Diclofenac Thrombophlebitis Limb trophischen Geschwüren|Look up in Linguee; Suggest as a translation of "limping" weaker limb, dragging behind but Muskel- und Sehnenapparates sowie von trophischen Geschwüren.|Sie haben zu viele Anfragen gesendet, sodass Linguee Ihren Computer ausgesperrt hat.|Propolis-Tinktur gegen Krampfadern Pilz Tinktur von Krampfadern]

Complexes of hyaluronic acid with carnitine or acylcarnitines. Complexes of hyaluronic acid limb trophischen Geschwüren L-carnitine or acyl L-carnitines. Complexes of hyaluronic acid with an acyl-L-carnitine selected from the group consisting of acetyl L-carnitine, propionyl L-carnitine and palmitoyl-L-carnitine.

A complex according to claims 1 to 4, wherein the two components in weight ratios of 1: Komplexe, wie in Anspruch 3 beansprucht, wobei die zwei Komponenten in gleichen Gewichtsmengen vorliegen.

A complex as claimed in claim 3, wherein the limb trophischen Geschwüren components are present in equal amounts by weight. A complex as claimed in claims 1 to 5, characterized in that hyaluronic acid has a weight average molecular weight M w of about 2 x 10 5 to limb trophischen Geschwüren 3 x 10 6. Process for preparing the complexes as claimed in the preceding claims, characterized in that the two components are mixed in a solvent and subjecting the mixture to sonication and then centrifugation is subjected limb trophischen Geschwüren recovery of the supernatant.

A method as claimed in claim 8, characterized in that the solvent consists of phosphate-buffered saline PBS at substantially neutral pH-value is. A process as claimed in claims 8 to 10, characterized in that the sonication is carried out for a period of minutes at W. A method as claimed in claim 11, characterized in that the sonication is carried out for a period of minutes. A process as claimed in claims 8 to 13, characterized in that the centrifugation is conducted at about g for a period of minutes.

Pharmaceutical compositions which contain one or more as defined in claims 1 to 7 click here complexes. Pharmaceutical compositions as claimed in claim 15, with a protective activity on limb trophischen Geschwüren and cell plasma membrane, and antiinflammatory and radical-scavenging activities.

Pharmaceutical compositions as claimed in claim 15, for use in the therapy of pathologies of the corneal epithelium. Pharmaceutical compositions as claimed in claim 15, for the treatment of ulcers of the lower extremities. Compositions containing the complexes as claimed in claims 1 to 7, for oral administration in the form of alimentary supplements. Zusammensetzungen, wie in Anspruch 20 beansprucht, die ferner Vitamine, Coenzyme, mineralische Substanzen und Antioxidanzien enthalten.

Compositions as claimed in claim 20, further containing vitamins, limb trophischen Geschwüren, mineral substances and antioxidants. Cosmetic compositions containing the complexes as limb trophischen Geschwüren in claims 1 to 7. The invention relates to complexes of hyaluronic acid and "carnitines", the latter herein both carnitine per se and in particular its acyl derivatives with straight or branched chain aliphatic carboxylic acids, which are optionally unsaturated or polyunsaturated, relate having 2 to 20 carbon atoms.

Although complexes of this invention may limb trophischen Geschwüren as component carnitine Limb trophischen Geschwüren or D-carnitine and L-mixtures in various ratios as well as the related acyl derivatives, as described above, the preferred embodiment relates to complexes of hyaluronic acid and L-carnitine or acyl-L- carnitine wherein "acyl" limb trophischen Geschwüren as defined above.

According to L-carnitine is called "carnitine" unless otherwise noted concern. The same is true for the various acylcarnitines that are listed hereinafter.

As is apparent by the above described, both components of the complexes of the invention are known per se. Ausgabe, Seitebzw. Die therapeutischen Indikationen der zitierten Komponenten sind auch bekannt. The therapeutic indications of the limb trophischen Geschwüren components are also known. In particular, hyaluronic acid is used as Coadjuvanz in the treatment of synovitis and Gewebsreparationsprozessen.

It has now been found see more complexes or even simple combinations of hyaluronic acid and "carnitines" which is both carnitine itself and its acyl derivatives relates in the form of a dietary supplement or a real drug and may contain acting, depending limb trophischen Geschwüren the cheap preventive or therapeutic limb trophischen Geschwüren, which should show the complexes or combinations, depending on the specific end users.

It was also found that the complexes and combinations can be useful in cosmetics. The complexes, and the combinations described above actually have: Limb trophischen Geschwüren effects may be more or less pronounced depending on the http://m.skv-neuwied.de/nachrichten-behandlung-von-trophischen-geschwueren.php individual "carnitine".

Accordingly, a further object of this invention is pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions containing as active ingredient: Wie bereits beschrieben, sind Carnitin und Acylcarnitine, die in den http://m.skv-neuwied.de/krampfadern-laser-behandlung-kosten-bewertungen.php beschriebenen pharmazeutischen und kosmetischen Zusammensetzungen enthalten sind, vorzugsweise L-Carnitin und Acyl-L-Carnitin.

As already described, are carnitine and acylcarnitines that are included in the above-described pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions, preferably L-carnitine and acyl L-carnitine. Particularly preferred are acetyl L-carnitine, propionyl L-carnitine and palmitoyl-L-carnitine. The complexes of the invention contain the two components in weight ratios of 1: The resulting product was found to be an actual complex by means Blutegel Varizen chemical and physical conditions that are described in the limb trophischen Geschwüren. The process for the preparation of the complexes according to the invention is illustrated click to see more the following non-limiting examples.

In the following, hyaluronic acid will be referred to as HA. Beispiel 1 Example limb trophischen Geschwüren. Bei jeder Zugabe von HA wurde die Probe mindestens eine Minute vortexiert und sodann unter den gleichen Limb trophischen Geschwüren inkubiert. At each addition of HA, the sample was vortexed for at least one minute and then incubated under the same temperature conditions.

Beispiel 2 Example 2. Powdered PC was added to a PBS solution and then the resulting suspension was sonicated in the cold for a period of 5 to 15 minutes. Beispiel 3 Example 3. To a 2 ml solution of HA with a molecular weight of 3. The resulting solutions were dazzling centrifuged for 10 minutes g and the supernatants removed. Provisions of the effects of Ultrasonifizierung on the dispersity of HA. To determine the effects of ultrasound on HA alone, the above protocol used Example 3 for periods of up to two hours without a PC repeated.

Sonifikate 1 ml were separated on a Sepharose CL-2B column 1 x 60 cm fractionated, wherein at 3. Fractions 1 ml were collected and monitored disintegration per minute by scintillation spectrometry regard hexuronic acid and radioactivity. Mixtures of HA 1. Alle Limb trophischen Geschwüren erfolgten dreifach.

All experiments were performed in triplicate. High-resolution 1 H-NMR Samples limb trophischen Geschwüren contained in mm-Wilmard glass tube with a coaxial 5 gesund offizieller Creme Krampfadern Seite von tubes with tetramethylsilane limb trophischen Geschwüren deuterium oxide.

Dies wurde als eine externe Integrationsreferenz verwendet. This was used as an external reference integration. Alle Proben wurden mit Argon vor den Messungen entgast. Limb trophischen Geschwüren samples were degassed with argon before the measurements. Proton decoupled 13 C NMR spectra Samples were contained in mm-Wilmard glass tube in which a 4 mm coaxial tube had been placed with acetonitrile as an external reference.

Chromatography of Sonifikaten HA with 3H-PC using the same conditions as limb trophischen Geschwüren used for HA alone, showed that although the major part of radiolabeled PC in limb trophischen Geschwüren total volume V L appeared to be a part of the applied radio- labeled computers at V 0 eluted.

The 3 H-PC eluted in fractions which largely corresponded to fractions of HA with high limb trophischen Geschwüren weight. Limb trophischen Geschwüren the control experiments, in which PC was omitted and sonication was performed for the same periods of time, a slight decrease in the percentage of flexibility of HA preparations was noted.

The effects of varying the HA concentration on the percentage of flexible and rigid segments that were present in an HA solution was sonicated for 60 minutes in the presence of PC, showed that no existing relative ratios over a fold dilution range substantially altered. A specific skin inflammation reaction, which is caused by different inflammatory drugs of both exogenous and endogenous origin, including the formation of radicals, lipoperoxides, prostaglandins and cytokines, is the one that is induced by intradermal injection of dithranol as described by Mustakallio Mustakallio K.

Dithranol is intradermally injected at the dose of 20 mcg on the back of a shaved More piglet. Ein Gemisch aus Lanolin und Ethylenglykolmonostearat wird verwendet, um diese Verbindungen zu verteilen.

A mixture of lanolin and ethylene glycol is used to distribute these limb trophischen Geschwüren. On the other hand AL has only to no protective effect. The combination of AC and HA induces a more obvious inhibitory effect on the dithranol-induced inflammation. This surprising, unexpected effect exhibited by the complex of HA and AC, compared with its components, which are used either alone or in combination, was another different test, that of Theleocidin shown that like other Sorbolmyristate if injected, significant changes in the skin and the formation of tumor reactions induced in mice Fujiki H.

These lesions increase the ornithine decarboxylase enzyme and this increase is related to the severity of the induced skin limb trophischen Geschwüren. HA and AC, either alone or together or administered in the form of a complex according to the invention, be distributed Theleocidin 5 minutes before the backs limb trophischen Geschwüren the animals.

As shown in Table 2, these experiments demonstrate also a surprising, unexpected and powerful effect of the complex of the invention of HA and AC as compared with the two individual components. Tabelle 1 Table 1. Tabelle 2 Table 2. Dryness of the conjunctiva in isolation or in conjunction with any other ocular or extra ocular disease is known to be capable of inducing a local damage to the corneal epithelium that may become among other things, its barrier function.

Basierend auf einer vorausgehenden Untersuchung bei Kaninchen, die die Wirksamkeit einer 1: Based on a previous study in rabbits, the effectiveness of a 1: Eine subjektive Bewertung http://m.skv-neuwied.de/vorbereitung-fuer-die-operation-varikoesen-beine.php klinische Untersuchungen, verbunden mit einem Fluorescein-Test, erfolgten zwei Wochen nach http://m.skv-neuwied.de/wie-viel-ist-der-betrieb-von-hoden-krampfadern.php Beginn der Behandlung als auch an limb trophischen Geschwüren Ende 4 Limb trophischen Geschwüren. A subjective evaluation and clinical investigations, combined with a fluorescein test, carried out two weeks after the beginning of treatment and at its end 4 weeks.

Vascular ulcers of the lower extremities are multidisciplinary disease. Ulcers can often be the manifestation of a number of diseases which insufficient blood circulation underlies that causes hypoxia. A oximetry through the skin actually took that in case of vascular lesions of the pO 2 value reaches 5 to 10 mm Hg, amounts that greatly affect the metabolic efficiency and energy production of the cell.

Furthermore, leukocytes proliferate and show their phagocytic activity at a pO 2 of 30 to 40 mm Hg. Treatment is still an unsolved problem despite the large number of pharmacological and physical aids.

The most common ulcer-causing factors are phlebopathies, arteriopathies, diabetes with the related Mikroangioneuropathie. The affected areas are in order of frequency the medial surface of the ankle, followed by the side surface of the ankle, the anterior and posterior surface, the calf and the foot.

The mean duration of the ulcer is about 26 weeks with a range varying from 4 to 30 years, and limb trophischen Geschwüren is very frequent. The healing process involves Bein Salbe für Thrombophlebitis inflammation with a cell migration, neovascularization and recovery.

Eine Zellreparatur Sie Ihre Hände von Krampfadern verletzt durch verschiedenen Faktoren, die als Gewebsregenerationsstimulatoren fungieren, vermittelt. A repair cell is mediated by several factors, which act as Gewebsregenerationsstimulatoren. The observation of ulcer characteristics is important in order to predict its development, and in particular limb trophischen Geschwüren importance of limb trophischen Geschwüren based on: They are more or limb trophischen Geschwüren deep ulcers associated with hypertension, which is secondary to a varicose vein disease or venous thrombosis, in relationship.

The main cause is chronic venous hypertension, which affects microvessels, with a subsequent shutdown of the circulation and structural and functional modifications.

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